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Everyday in our professional lives we face complex challenges, some threaten the success of our projects, others are simply just repetitive and tedious. Running into these types of challenges while under a tight deadline or a tight budget can cause numerous headaches. Rest assured, there is always a solution.

Recently in my project worked I faced just such a dilemma and it had me perplexed. My client is developing a series of help videos for a new device to be released internationally. This series of videos includes complex GUI animations that demonstrate trouble shooting steps for the end user. With the device being released internationally, the help videos would need to be developed with up to 12 different languages.

Over The Top Cube

This request initially seemed to be a logistical nightmare. Throughout the various videos there are up to 7 – 8 GUI screens that each contain up to 8 lines of text that will need to be updated in 11 new languages. The thought of updating each line of copy manually is the stuff nightmares are made of as this task would take weeks to complete. Not to mention the potential issues that could arise; misspellings, punction issues, format errors, missed translations, among others. To complicate matters further, I do not speak any of the languages that we will be translating, meaning any of these oversights I would be unable to identify on my own.

So what to do?

Thankfully, after doing some research on I came upon an amazing plugin that has just saved me a lot of gray hairs.

Introducting text2spreadsheet by the wonderful folks over at mamoworld tools.

Mamoworld’s text2spreadsheet is a simple yet powerful plugin for Adobe AfterEffects. This plug is designed to export all text layers in your project to a excel spreadsheet. The real power in this tool comes from being allowed to replace copy in your project.

So how does it work? Checkout the video below.

So whats the moral of the story? Always keep an eye out for new tools to help you do your job faster and easier. After all, we are constantly combating tight budgets and tight deadlines, so any tools that can help you streamline your workflow will only make you more profitable, and just might let you grab a few extra Z’s at night! Ah, who am I kidding? That extra time will be spend on another project!


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