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Kitchenatomy Hype


In 2010,  while working at Kaleidoscope I had the opportunity to work with Whirlpool and DezignWright to begin develop Kitchenatomy, a scalable training application designed to teach the features, benefits, and key marketing messages of the Kitchen Aid line of appliances. The application consists of training modules accessible through this virtual kitchen and has grown to include nine different appliances.

 Although used primarily to meet marketing education needs for Whirlpool’s sales team, Kitchenatomy was also repurposed as a consumer-facing marketing tool that allows consumers to learn about their appliances in a new and exciting way. The Kitchenatomy app is currently available through the Apple AppStore, or as an online download.



Throughout the production cycle on Kitchenatomy I mainly worked as a 3D Artist, Compositor and Motion Graphics Designer. My role included animation, shading, lighting, compositing, visual effects development and motion graphics. As this project was an ever evolving initiative that lasted multiple years, the project team faced multiple challenges ensuring consistent look and feel across all appliances. With each new appliance the potential for lighting or material changes increased, as a result the team developed strict file management protocols, additionally the compositing process was streamlined allowing all changes to be controlled through a master composition. Without these process’ in place the consistent look and feel of Kitchenatomy would have been nearly impossible to achieve.


Interactive Cooktop

Interactive Cooktop Concept

Take a step back with me as I look back at CES 2014, the biggest, most awe-inspiring-est tech show on the planet. If you are a tech nerd like I am then this is the place to be to see what the brightest minds in the biz can cook up. From the latest in wearables, smart appliances, the future of automobiles and everything in between.

While working for KALEIDOSCOPE I was afforded the opportunity to work with the team at Whirlpool to develop a presentation around their new cooking concept to be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. This new cook top is a highly innovative cooking concept that combines the culinary process with all the connectivity you have grown accustomed to while fusing them into one flexible user experience. This cooktop concept gives the user access to all their recipes, music, e-mail, social media feeds, and more all without having to step away from the fantastic dish you are working on! As this project is still just a concept, I had to work closely with Whirlpool and other vendors to develop an efficient solution for presenting this Interactive Cooktop as a production ready appliance on the show floor at CES 2014. The project was designed as an interactive simulation that allowed the presenter functional control of the presentation from a discrete wireless device. This gave the presenter an ability to stop their presentation to answer questions and interact organically with the audience. To enhance the concept, the simulation was projected onto the cooking surface, giving the user interface design a bright, fresh, and elegant feel. The end result was a functional asset that spanned the realm of modern functionality and futuristic technology.


Cooktop_Still Frame

My role in this project was quite diverse as I was not only the motion designer, but also the Project Manager. This project posed a unique challenge for me as we had an extremely tight deadline and the asset we were developing had to work in conjunction with the booth being built for CES. Working with multiple vendors, across multiple disciplines helped me to sharpen my skills managing team members. The scope of the project also gave me vital experience in Project Management ensuring multiple phases all came to conclusion to meet a tight deadline while staying on budget. This project turned out to be a huge success on the show floor and across the web, generating a number of articles and social media responses, validating for Whirlpool that smart appliances are the wave of the future.


Checkout the Interactive Cooktop that had CES 2014 buzzing!