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Targus VersaLink

A small versatile dock that allows you to connect all your peripherals with one device.

Eye Level Living

Retrieve your mail safely without stepping onto the road with the Reflex Rotating Mailbox Mount from Eye Level.

Orange Solar Tent

This ain’t no Boy Scout tent: the Orange Solar Concept Tent packs all the goodies to keep you juiced!

Lapra Ty Suture Clip Applier

Digital sales asset developed to illustrate key functions of the new Lapra Ty Suture Clip Applier.

Whirlpool Cooktop Touch Concept

Interactive Cooktop presented as a production ready appliance on the show floor at CES 2014


Animated video series highlighting new features of the KitchenAid product lineup.

Prosolia Velox

Short video project highlighting key functions of the Velox 360 auto sampler.

Ascend Innovations

Explainer video developed for Ascend, a new product development firm launching in the city of Dayton.

Kitchenaid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer product renders created to test project completion speed.

Motorola MC-40

Promotional video featuring the MC-40 mobile computer from Motorola Mobility Solutions.

Generic Chocolate Bar

Generic Chocolate Bar concept I developed to explore new shading workflow in Maya 2016.

Rigid Fix Curve

Training aid designed to help surgeons understand proper device setup for accurate ACL repair.
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Anyone who has never made a mistake

has never tried anything new.

– Albert Einstein


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Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Chris; I’m an artist with a passion for digital media. I’m obsessed with making things and even more obsessed with making things awesome. I’ve been in the business of creating since I hung my first drawing on the fridge when I was 5. Since graduating from the DAVE School in Orlando, FL. I’ve been actively involved in the design community; learning new skills and cultivating long term relationships. I’ve worked on projects for companies such as Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Motorola, Whirlpool and a whole host of others. My work has been on display at CES and across the web in various platforms.

I specialize in motion design and 3D animation, creating magic in After Effects or Maya and then bringing it to life to delight your senses. Additionally I am interested in product visualization, gamification and graphic design.

When I’m not animating, I’m probably hanging out with my wife, fishing, watching a futbol match, playing golf or tinkering around with something mechanical. Thanks for stopping by my website, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to discuss your upcoming project.

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this is how I can help your business

Project Management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve planned objectives.Your project is a unique, transient endeavour, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. Knowing how to make sure your project stays on schedule, under budget and achieves your planned objectives is a special skill that few in this industry possess. If you need help making sure your vendors are delivering on time, or your are afraid of missing an important deadline, contact me and I can get your project headed back in the right direction.

3D Animation

Do you have a product that you need to visualize but it does not yet exist? Do you need to show an investor or manager how your device functions? Maybe you need to product some marketing collateral? 3D animation is the perfect tool for all of these tasks. You see, I am a storyteller at heart. I will work with you to understand your product and your goals. I can then tailor a custom animation or rendering that not only fits your budget, but will also help to achieve your goals.

Motion Graphics

I am not just an expert in 3D, but also am an expert in 2D. Sometimes 3D just isn’t the right tool to tell your story, that’s where an engaging motion graphics animation can bridge the gap. Motion graphics are great for communicating complex or dull messages in an interesting and entertaining way. Nothing breathes life into static content better than the use of motion graphics.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is art with a purpose. It involves the practice of projecting ideas and experiences visually. Good graphic design aims to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives. Your brand means the world to you, and your marketing materials should reflect that. When you absolutely need to make that perfect first impression, I am at the ready. From logos and letterheads, to brochures, flyers and more, I can help you move your communications forward.

Do I really need visualization?

Did you know that the single largest influencing factor on purchasing decisions are high quality product visuals? Not only does this apply to the end consumer, but also when pitching new products or business’ to investors. Add a touch of class to your next project with my high end visualization services. Allow me to create amazing renderings of your unique ideas, so you can focus on planning for the future.

these are the tools I use to make magic
Maya After Effects Octane Photoshop Lightwave Illustrator Davinci Resolve Unity


I look forward to hearing from you

Contact Information

Please get in touch with me for additional information about how I can help your company achieve your goals.

5909 tulip Drive,

Brownsburg, IN 46112

E-mail: chris@xspixels.com
Phone: +317.650.1153